Bueno - Cardi B type beat

Cardi B type beat “BUENO” | Spanish Trap Type Beat | TypeBeats.com

"No Bueno" (Spanish Cardi B type trap beat)

Cardi B type beat “BUENO”

Cardi B is here to say, that's for sure. She created a style and sound no other female rapper can match right now.

One of her most recognizable genres is the trap music she does that has a Spanish touch to it.

"Bueno" is a perfect example of that as well.

This Cardi B type beat relies on percussion a lot which gives it a lot of swing. 

The horns and trumpets are very infectious as well. Definitely sounds and melodies that will get stuck in your head!

Lets make a hit!

Download "Bueno" (demo version)

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Cardi B type beat

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