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Drake Type Beats

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"Slide" is Future Drake type beat with a great bounce. 

In addition, the melodies are no less than infectious.

If you need a single, this Drake type beat instrumental might be just the one for you!

"Be" is a Drake dancehall type beat with some Afro vibes as well.

This is the type of instrumental that can turn into a song people love to dance to.

The track has a very commercial vibe so it's possibly a great pick for a single.

"First of All' is a free Drake type beat that reminds of the sounds Drake loves to freestyle to.

For instance, think of Back2Back.

free mp3 download link:
1st Of All (free download)

"Bandido" is a free Drake type instrumental that's very popular.

Nevertheless, you can download this type beat using the link below.

free mp3 download link:
Bandido (free download)

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First of all, welcome to TypeBeats.com!

Ever since Drake hit the music industry in 2009 with his breakthrough single "Best I Ever Had" he's the top artist in rap. With his sophomore debut album "Thank Me Later" he further solidified this notion with a variety of dope beats and superstar features.

Drake has a style of his own which is probably one of the reasons for his success. After all these years at the top, he somehow still manages to increase his relevancy and popularity hit after hit.

One of Drake's secrets to his success can be greatly attributed to his variety of styles and creativity in his beats and instrumentals.

He does basically every genre from Trap to Pop to RnB he and continues to dominate the charts.
<h3>Paying Attention To The Latest Sound</h3>

We recognize Drake's musical success factors and we've taken extra effort to do the exact same.

We pay tediously close attention to Drakes beats and instrumentals and how his sound has develops over the years.

First of all, our team of Grammy nominated multi platinum producers has made sure we provide artists with the same quality of beats and instrumentals that Drake himself would take pride in using.

We pay attention to his more recent hits such as "Gods Plan" and "In My Feelings" as well. So yes, we make sure we're on top of the latest vibes while we apply his signature blend of smooth, atmospheric R&B and mix it with moody Trap undertones that Drake is known for.

We're more than confident that our Drake type beats and Drake type instrumentals will cover all bases and deliver exactly what you're looking for as an artist making a name in the music industry.

So browse through our Drake type beat instrumental tracks and take advantage of our professional sound.

Concluding, all instrumental beats are professionaly produced after one of the biggest superstars in music history!