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In the right hands, "Jacuzzi" could be a big pop hit.

It's a funky pop beat with a sound that reminds of Bruno Mars, The Weeknd or Anderson Paak.

Like what you hear? We have some similar tracks.

For instance, "$ilky" and "Los Angeles"!

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Artists with a sound similar to Ed Sheeran will love "Cant Stay".

It's an acoustic pop instrumental type beat with great guitars.

A lot of commercial appeal here.

For example, it sounds like it could be on the radio 24/!.

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"Quick Fix" is a Justin Bieber type pop beat with a breezy Summer-ish vibe.

Foremostly, it's an electronic pop beat.

However, it has some slight dancehall/reggeaton crossover influences during the prehook.

Versatile beat!

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