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Rap beats have become a massive staple in the online music industry. With artists from all over the world searching to find their next hit instrumental, "Rap Beats" has made itself a go-to in the internet search department. Rap music dominates. Actually, it's the #1 genre in the world right now. It's no surprise that Rap Beats and Instrumentals have managed to flood the internet over the last 10 years. Searching "Rap Beats" offers artists a larger variety of beats and beat instrumentals by lacking an overly specific genre. Possiblly, this can be a great thing for any artist searching for variety or unsure of exactly what they're looking for.

"Rap" Is A Broad Term

Being more of a "category" rather than a specific genre, "Rap Beats" are technically a wide variety of styles. It can contain elements of Trap, HipHop, Club, R&B, EDM music and everything in between. Rap Beats can also align itself with rap type beats and trap rap beat instrumentals that simply lack an exact genre, containing influences from all across the board, making it a great option for anyone looking for a bit more of an original sound. However, Rap Beats can still be heavily identified as your modern day Trap Instrumental or standard HipHop beat. Rap Beats reflect more of an overall broader style of music rather than one specific sound, yet still can still labelled as any of the more obvious genres.

The Type Of Rap Beats That We Offer

Typebeats.com offers a large variety of Rap Beats and Instrumentals that cover all aspects of what you might expect from a "Rap Type Beats" category. Ranging from Trap Beats to R&B Instrumentals and other multi-genre type beats, you'll be sure to find whatever it is you may be looking for within this category. So if you're into the Trap Beats but would also like a blend of something else, Rap Beats is where you'll find it!
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