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Basic Lease

$ 30/45
per type beat
  • MP3 + WAV
  • Sell 5,000 Copies
  • 500k Streams
  • $15 Surplus for Beats with Hooks
  • Instant Delivery

Just need an mp3 and/or wav file?
Then You’re good to go with the basic beat lease!

WAV Trackouts

$ 75
per type beat
  • MP3 + WAV + Trackouts
  • Sell 25,000 Copies
  • 5 Million Streams
  • No Surplus For Hooks
  • Instant Delivery

You receive every sound (kick, snare, bass etc) separated to create the perfect mix!


Unlimited Lease

$ 150
per type beat
  • MP3 + WAV + Trackouts
  • Sell Unlimited Copies
  • Unlimited Streams
  • No Surplus For Hooks
  • Instant Delivery

The unlimited lease is the type of lease that comes closest to an exclusive type beat license.

about our Eminem type beats

eminem type beat download

Eminem has been relevant in hip hop for decades (literally) and it’s for good reason.

Through the aliases (alter ego’s) of
Marshall Matters, Eminem and Slim Shady he has attained to reach a gigantic audience, worldwide. 

Besides having a huge fan base, Eminem also influenced many rappers in mainstream hip hop today. 

For instance, you can hear an Eminem or Slim Shady type beat on almost every project by Joyner Lucas, Hopsin or NF.

In addition, the hip hop goats (such as Lil Wayne and 50 cent) have remarked Eminem ‘s remarkable rapping and rhyming skills.

That being said, it only makes sense to have a page dedicated to Eminem and his style / type of beats.

You can buy Eminem type sounding rap beats and instrumentals from Beatstore up top.

We also have free Eminem type beats. 

You can find those here.


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free eminem type beats

Download free Eminem type beats

Be Myself” is a free Eminem type beat download with a female hook!

“Always Watching” is a free Eminem type beat with a horror/evil type of sound.

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