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Top 5: Our best 21 Savage type beats

First of all, let's start with "Get 2 It". Ironically, this is probably the least dark 21 Savage style beat that's on the page. Yet, the overall sound of this instrumental still rhymes with 21's sound. It can't be all pure darkness!

"Price Tag" has the sound Atlanta rapper 21 Savage is so well known for. Simplistic, hard hitting and horror to the bone!

"Bad Guy" is a beat with the type of hard and dark vibes 21 Savage is really known for. beat's main instruments are trap bells, uptempo drums and deep 808s. Hope you enjoy this one!

"No Explanation" is a trap instrumental with ambient influences in the style of 21 Savage or Travis Scott. This type beat goes hard in the club and could honestly hear it banging out of cars in the streets as well. Visit the website for more trap & rap beats!

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Stalkin” is a minimal trap beat in the style of 21 Savage. It has a clean melody, hard drums and thick 808 to round things off. You can download this type beat for free using the link below!

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