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Travis Scott Style Beats
Travis Scott type beat instrumentals

Travis Scott Type Beats

We have Travis Scott type beats in all styles.

Dark, ambient, sad and depressed type of beats.

All instrumentals are produced by our multi platinum producers Freek van Workum and ItsNicklus.

FREE Travis Scott Type Beats

Free Travis Scott Type Beat - "Fk A Vaca"

This track is a free Travis Scott type beat with a deep and dark vibe. You can dowload this Travis Scott type beat free of charge using the download link below.


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Free Travis Scott Type Beats
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About Our Travis Scott Style Beats

Travis Scott's sound is hard to define in one simple sentence. Usually, his beats contain a lot of low ened 808 sub action, big synth sounds, ambient chord and lead sections as well as a very bouncy drum patterns.

For example, Scott's #1 single Sicko Mode is exactly that.

Obviously, it's not a coincedence that the features mentioned above are all incorporated in our Travis Scott type of beats as well.

Lastly, all (free) Travis Scott type beat instrumentals are courtesy of our team of multi platinum producers!

Planning to use one of our free Travis Scott type instrumentals or other free downloads?

No problem. 

That's what they're here for!

Nevertheless, please to make sure you give proper credit. 

For instance: "prod. by TypeBeats.com".


-Team TypeBeats.com

Travis Scott type of beats for sale