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First of all, let’s start with “Dab Season”. It’s is a piano style 2018 Migos type beat with a Dark gangsta feel. The trap drums and bendy 808s really tie this track together. Even though the beat is grimey and hits hard it still has major (club) hit potential.

“Tip Toe” is another great modern Migos type beat with hook which has huge commercial appeal. The hook has a super professional sound. We deliver the hook without tags upon purchase or download. Lets make a hit!

“$u$hi” is a Migos type instrumental beat that has all ingredients for it to make a huge song. Extravagant melodic sounds, a simple yet catchy feel and uptempo trap 808 drums. In conclusion, The Culture is strong with this one!

“Huncho” is an uptempo Migos type instrumental with catchy detune electric piano as the main sound. Also, this type of style is really popular. For instance, Migos member Quavo had several similar beats on his recent album.

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“Freak O Da Weak” is a free type beat download. However, that does not mean you can use it for any type of commercial purpose (see FAQ). Anyway, soundwise, you can probably best describe it as an Atlanta type instrumental that’s work greats for the club! Download link:


Lastly, we have “Bang Bang”. Cetainly, one of the best Migos type beats with hook online. No instrumental with chorus has has a more authentic Migos type sound. However, if you find one, let us know 🙂

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