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"Clutch" is a Lil Baby type beat with guitar that has an interesting chord progression. Download this Lil Baby type beat free of charge using the download link below.

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"Very Rare' is a Lil Baby type beat with a mesmerizing flute melody.
Deep 808 bass and hard drums tie it all together. This is 🔥!

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"No Rest" is a rnb/trap beat in the style of Gunna and Lil Baby. This is the type of instrumental that's perfect for a song for the ladies!

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"Gucci Loafers" is a Lil Baby type instrumental with bells. This track's got a lot of bounce. Wanna test drive? Try the demo download (button below)!
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Lil Baby Type Beat Instrumentals - About

Lil Baby is a name that has been gaining traction in the Atlanta scene for quite some time. However, it wasn't until he had the megahit "Drip Too Hard" with fellow rap star Gunna until he really blew up. Since then, he has been dropping project after project and hit after hit.

The type of beats Lil Baby rhymes on have several clear similarities. For instance, they're mostly very melodical, have deep 808 basslines, hard drums and adhere to the formulas of the original Atlanta trap music sound.
Lil Baby is not the first rapper to pick these type of beats. Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan and other Atlanta based artists had a similar taste. However, besides Gunna and maybe Future, he has definitely been the most successful in recent history.

Either way, the sound that defines Lil Baby songs is exactly the sound that you will hear in the Lil Baby type beats and instrumentals here. We hope you like what you hear and LETS MAKE HITS!

Lil Baby type beat

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